About Us

AGS is proudly part of the Exterior Plas Group of Companies.
Exterior Plas is a family run business, based in North Essex (Epping) and has been trading for over 30 years

AGS is lead and managed by a team of Facilities Management professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in the FM sector.
The team have backgrounds in Helpdesk Management, Operations (Field operative management), Estate Management, Construction and Health and Safety, with such a broad knowledge base AGS can cover all eventualities.

Why does AGS exist?

AGS was born out of frustrations with existing CAFM type products. The existing system offerings were either too restrictive and not fit for purpose, too complex to set-up or too expensive to purchase and maintain. AGS was able to take these frustrations and start from a blank page. The team set out to develop what was needed to solve those issues.

At AGS we believe that every industry sector and business type, large or small, should have access to our system and its amazing capabilities.

The Future

The future is forever expanding and AGS is evolving with it.
AGS constantly seek to understand and challenge how existing, new and emerging technologies will influence the built environment and how we can efficiently integrate them into our offering.

From Augmented Reality, to Virtual Reality Environment Manipulation and changes to legislation, AGS considers all influencing factors.

Obsolescence is a concern our clients should not have. The platform by its very nature is not bound by the technology of today, it has been built from the outset with the future in mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits:

Some examples of how AGS can bolster Corporate Social Responsibility obligations:

Working with Students/Local community:
By using relevant, contemporary technology those seeking experience of such systems have a perfect opportunity to interface with a live working environment.


Another move towards a true paperless environment from traditionally paper heavy industries.


Centralised, easy to access information, leads to improved staff efficiency, ultimately improving organisation profitability.

Alpaca Global Solutions (AGS) does not offer a “one size fits all” package and limit our scope to one industry.