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AGS360 Active Product Info

AGS360 Active is at the leading edge of Asset Management technology.

What is AGS360 Active?

AGS360 Active is at the leading edge of Asset Management technology. AGS360 Active aims to provide you with a live and cost-effective platform to not only administer to the history of your assets, but also know what they are doing (or indeed, where they are going) right now.

AGS360 Active Product Info

AGS360 Active can integrate with all of the latest forms of sensor technology. To throw a few acronyms out there, AGS360 Active users can expect to absorb data from the following sensor types;

  • RSSI
  • RFID
  • NFC
  • IOT
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • and so on…

AGS360 Active has a unique ability to provide users with retrospective BIM (Building information Management), Retrospective Smart Buildings, even integrate with current smart building tech to compliment the asset management processes.

In addition, you may wish to track the locations of assets. Whether they are large, small, internal, external, local or miles away. AGS360 Active can tell you where your assets are, and what your assets have been up to.

Who is AGS360 Active intended for?

Similarly to AGS360+, AGS360 Active is intended for clients who perhaps own their site(s) or have a significantly invested interest in the site(s). The difference here is that you may have a large volume of assets you wish to track and/or have the requirement to add smart building technology into you currently not so smart building. Perhaps you suffer with significant costs incurred from lost or missing assets. You may incur costs from assets being missed during inspections etc. The cost saving from these considerations alone could make a significant difference to your annual budgets. AGS360 Active provides information rewards to its end users that are currently un-matched by any other asset management product currently available.

AGS360 is comprised of 4 key areas:

How much does it cost? – (Click Here For More Info)

What do I get for my money?

Year 1 is the most intensive. It’s when we take you through the full onboarding process, build your sensor-based system, collect data and get you up and running.

AGS will provide a full end to end service that gets your organisation up to speed with little time sacrifice from your own staff. These services are as follows:

  • Providing the organisation with its own AGS360 Active environment complete with custom URL, logo and primary corporate colours.
  • Sensor placement survey, hardware procurement, install and hardware & software set-up
  • Asset Survey (Includes Data collection, legacy information verification, imagery, upload into AGS360. Also, the Pinning of assets onto Maps & Floor Plans)
  • Data input (Includes compliance item generation)
  • System Maintenance for the year
  • System Updates for the year
  • User training
  • Standard SLA’s

Year 2, its all about keeping you maintained and running as smoothly as possible. Based on the above example, we would expect fee’s for year 2 to be around a 20% of the Year 1 fee.