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We are delighted to announce that a newly formed ‘ Team Exterior Plas’ are taking on a massive challenge at the end of this month, when they head to Tanaznia, Africa to take on the tallest free standing mountain in the world – killimanjaro.

Whilst this has always on the ‘bucket list’ of our Managing Director, Andy Sheen, the speed in which this trip has been arranged is quite something. Andy says “ we were talking about challenges and being able to accomplish aspirations when it became clear that other members of the company held the same interests. We wanted to set ourselves a challenge, and whilst doing so, continue to raise awareness and fund raise for the remarkable charity, Help for Heroes”.

Team member and Senior Contracts Manager Tony Willis said, “ we knew the trekking season would be over soon and if we didn’t face it now, it would be several months before we could attempt it – so the time felt right. This year Help for Heroes are celebrating their 10th year, and we are proud that we will be able to help support them during this special anniversary”

We wave goodbye to our team on Wednesday 29th March, wishing them all a safe and amazing journey.
We hope that our blog will allow us to give progress on their expedition, and we will be updating our website blog as our fundraising grows.

Exterior Plas will match every £1 that is pledged for this amazing charity, so please give generously in our DONATE NOW button which will take you to our Just Giving page

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