Core System Features

Find out about all our system features and how they could benifit your business.

Home Page

An automatically populated high level overview of the system.
This page provides users with an interactive snapshot of the volume of jobs categorised by job type.

Customisable Dashboard

Your data displayed how you want to see it.
View what is important to you? This is your space, make it your own.
Instantly view your live engineer status, filtered job tables, volume count metrics and compliance
headlines. MyAGS utilises the widget system which allows users to instantly add, edit and remove

Job Reporting and Management

Configure to meet your needs and desired outcomes.

Create ANY type of job you need with the customisable workflow, along with customising statuses,
allocating staff or teams to jobs, being able to add fields for the information you require, you can
also link related jobs and create tasks within a jobs. The possibilities are endless.

Client and Real Estate Management

Review filtered information on your clients and buildings.
MyAGS allows users to organise and categorise clients and buildings under their remit. This area serves a dual functionality. Firstly as a space to add, edit and view clients and properties which users can then interrogate to a granular level. Secondly it serves as a database from which the workflow management elements of the system extract location information when creating jobs.

Job Scheduling and Planning

Plan your workflow and optimise your manpower.

Optimise your manpower with the MyAGS scheduling tool, specifically designed to manage your workforce. The scheduler allows you allocate appropriate resources such as staff, engineers and subcontractors to any job in the system. With drag & drop functionality and real time updates, AGS make it simple to plan ahead.     

Job Overview

View filtered data on ANY item of workflow in the system.

A live, interactive table that provides a filterable view of ALL jobs on the system. From this area, jobs can be filtered, and data columns re-ordered to provide an exact view of the required information. Data can be exported, and jobs can be viewed. Any time an action takes place on the system, the job table is updated. This ensures the user has a real time view of job statuses. Various elements of the system pull data from this area such as the dashboard and compliance areas. This is the beating heart of the AGS System.

Sub-Contractor Management

Manage your sub-contractors and review their performance.

Issuing jobs to your subcontractor has never been easier, with the MyAGS Subcontractor tool you can issue subcontractors with .pdf work orders and a link to accept or decline the associated job. The contractor is able to update you with their response and ETA’s, which is updated straight into the scheduler. Any issues can be discussed on the job’s discussion page. 

Compliance Management

A place for all your legislative and PPM based compliances.

MyAGS provides a clear and easy way to manage your Compliance. A simple dashboard that shows you what is coming up, what needs to be actioned and how compliant your buildings are. Providing you with real time reporting. All Compliance jobs can be raised automatically making sure your maintenance is highlighted to you, giving you enough time to plan and organise your maintenance.

My AGS App

An area for mobile device users to check in, update, complete and check out of jobs. (IOS and Android)

MyAGS App –The App allows your engineers to view their working day with a full job description, photos, documentation, related jobs and materials needed.

The app has a customisable workflow functionality, where you can add your own RAMS, health and safety checks, forms, engineer and client sign offs, before and after Photos and many more options. 

Asset Database

Add, edit, filter and view all assets. Manage life expectancy.

The Asset Database tool allows you to view, manage and monitor all assets, from plant equipment to stock; anything that you consider to be valuable to your business.

The Asset Database is the core of our system. It allows you to track the entire lifecycle of an asset with the ability to view any compliances, jobs, documents, photos and purchases linked to the asset.

Admin Area

A comprehensive area that allows users to manage all aspects of the system.

A comprehensive area of the MyAGS system that allows users to manipulate all aspects of their interaction with the system.

Spotlight Feature

360 Imaging Technology

Mobile 360 cameras:
An emerging market for social media, utilised by MyAGS.

Low cost:

£100’s vs £1000’s for traditional commercial 360 imaging technology.

Highly mobile:

Small and typically only weigh a few grams.


Handheld, tripod mounted, vehicle mounted, indoors, outdoors etc.

Allow for advanced capabilities:

  • Virtual Reality environments.
  • 360 Video.
  • By integrating the 360-imaging technology with Drones, MyAGS can provide an unparalleled, low cost service.
  • Aerial 360 Imaging – User defined altitude.
  • Pre planned and repeatable flight patterns.
  • AGS has combined the advantages of the 360 imaging technology
  • With the area coverage and POV advantages of drone technology.

Combine this with the MyAGS System capabilities:

  • Assetisation.
  • Workflow planning.
  • Data recording.


The possibilities are endless.

Some Key Capabilities

Some Key Capabilities:

Absolute Visibility:

Instantly visible report on compliance levels across the portfolio.

Legal Obligations:

Quickly understand the status of you Legal or Organisational statutory compliance.

Fast access to Compliance documentation:

Documents and Certificates are stored on the system against the relevant compliances.

Audit friendly presentation of information:

Logical categorization of information allows for reduced levels of resource to be employed when undertaking audits.

Activity logs provide an accountability trail, on the Who, What and When for all compliance actions.

Follow up actions:

Raise follow up actions as jobs and relate them back to the compliance. MyAGS gives you the ability to demonstrate the measures you have taken to become and remain compliant.

Some additional capabilities:

Policy Reviews:

Set up a compliance for each policy review required, at the interval you require.

Professional Subscription Renewals:

Use the capability to set business critical reminders such as professional body membership renewals.

Personnel Qualification Renewals:

Is an annual refresher required. Is the 5yr  coming to a close. Know when your personnel are compliant through tracked qualification renewals. Add details. Add to the audit trail.

Bulk Uploads:

Documents and Certificates are stored on the system against the relevant compliances.

Audit friendly presentation of information:

Logical categorization of information allows for reduced levels of resource to be employed when undertaking audits.

Activity logs provide an accountability trail, on the the Who, What and When for all compliance actions.

System Capabilities:

Export your data to .xls & .csv
Import from .csv files
Use of customisable widgets
Upload any file type
Comprehensive admin area
Add ‘Tags’ across the system
Smart search
Customisable workflow
Job relation capability
Language setting capabilities
Permission settings
Customise automated emails
Third party job acceptance, decline and reason functionality
Automatic job status updates
Email notifications

System Benefits:

Cloud Based

Dual hosted on AWS with switched hosting on Google. No reliance on local IT infrastructure.

No User Tiers

MyAGS allows the client to determine rights and permissions on a user by user basis.

Updates and Version Upgrades

MyAGS supplies its users with free updates and free version upgrades throughout the life of the contract period.

Continuous development

MyAGS strives to remain contemporary or trend setting at all times. Our development will never stand still and our clients will benefit from this approach throughout the life of the contract period.

Client Input

MyAGS will always be in a position to be developmentally flexible and be able to consider, and where agreed implement client driven ideas for the system.

Super User Training

While MyAGS does not recognise traditional user types, we do offer a higher level of training to allow the client to have competent ‘super users’ who will be trained to use and understand the more advanced, granular aspects of the system. This further reduces the client’s dependencies on the need to engage with AGS day to day.

Self Service Customisations

A powerful, in built tool to customise and manipulate the system to fit your needs. This allows the client and its users to have a bespoke feel without the normally associated costs and lead times.

Data Export

Rapid export capabilities of predefined data to .csv or .xls formats.

MyAGS Support Functions


Unlimited access to system updates and improvements.
Online support. Email, Video Call, System Help.
Telephone support

MyAGS has a comprehensive and regularly rehearsed Business Continuity Plan

Dual hosting on Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Switched Hosting on Google Cloud

Cyber Essentials Accredited Organisation.
Full alignment to ISO27001
Expanding alignment with ISO9001 & ISO45001.