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Scheduling is everywhere, it’s a part of our every day working life.

Who is doing what, When and Where.

While not a particularly unique feature of AGS360 it is no less important and serves an integral part of the asset management process.

The AGS360 Scheduler allows you to track who is doing what, where and when on the maintenance of your assets. Whether it’s a reactive, planned, proactive or compliance job, the AGS360 Scheduler is where you can view and understand how the workload is being shared.

So what’s is unique about the AGS360 Scheduler.. Well its linked to AGS360 of course! Everything in AGS360 is circular and aimed at the reduction of duplication and increased efficiency. Change a booking on the AGS360 scheduler and it will update the job, the mobile app, the asset history and even the compliance. Just 1 action updated 4 areas within AGS360! Now that’s an example of how we can drive efficiency for you.

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