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How does AGS360 CAFM benefit me?

AGS360 centralises all important information, making it easier to understand what is needed and when, reducing unnecessary spend.
For the first time ever, Assets interact directly with Compliance and Workflow as one seamless system. This saves time by reducing duplication of effort.
AGS360 builds asset history. This means PPM regimes can be significantly improved with detailed, historic asset information.
Understand your compliance status. Track your statutory and non-statutory compliance within our advanced compliance management area.
AGS360 lets you manage spend on maintenance tasks, set schedule of rates and apply values to assets. With our extensive budget management features you can stay one step ahead of the bills.
Track your maintenance tasks, engineer allocation, images and documentation all within our workflow management area.

''Did you know: AGS360 Get Started is only £1,999.99 per year with unlimited users!''

Tech Features

Asset Management

Store and view important information on individual assets, such as make and model, cost, legal compliance and any active repair or planned maintenance tasks.
You can easily track the details and lifecycle of your assets, as well as access historic information at any time


Manage the full workflow process of your maintenance jobs.
AGS360 allows you to use sub-contracted resource alongside in house staff.
Raise work orders and manage costs, at the end of a job export automated completion reports.
Planned and Reactive tasks are linked directly to the asset itself, even better still, the process is largely automated meaning a more time efficient job management process, less duplication of effort and maximum efficiency.

System Configuration

AGS360 has a range of in-system customisation options.
From system language to saved views and primary colours, AGS360 is designed to give you the most familiar user experience possible.
As well as the built in features, AGS is always open to full customisation requirements.
If you need AGS360 white labelled, contact us and we’ll work with you to achieve your requirements.

Custom Entity

Among AGS360’s many unique features, we give you the ability to create and use custom entities.
Imagine a custom entity as a smart spreadsheet that allows you to conveniently store large volumes of complex data in a separated area from the wider system.
Its a good way to get information off a spreadsheet and into a centralised, sharable and secure location.


AGS360 allows you to manage and understand your statutory and non-statutory compliance status.
Compliance with law and policy is a key part of most FM roles.
AGS360 revolutionises traditional compliance management within CAFM.
Linked with Workflow and Assets, users only need to review and audit, this reduces duplication of effort and maximises your time.
AGS360 provides a much easier and simpler way to manage compliance. It helps to ensure a safe workplace is maintained.

Asset Visualisation

AGS360 has two key ways to bring visual context to your Asset lists.
Firstly via our industry leading feature, floor plan pinning. Secondly via our 360 digital twin viewer.
Once imported into AGS360, your Asset list is categorised and Tagged (located) either onto a floor plan or within a 360 photographic, digital environment.
Do you have issues with inaccurate information when an issue is reported? By using AGS360, the asset at fault can be located and with only a few clicks provide you with clear detailed and accurate information.

How much does it cost?

AGS360 CAFM is available for just £1,999.99 per year.

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Asset Visualisation

It can be hard to decide on what software to buy for your FM department. Afterall, us FM’s are not always software experts! That being said, a good starting point when making a decision is the simple choice of whether to go with an established norm or a new offering.

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