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Minimal risk with a low barrier to entry!

“AGS360 offers unmatched features at an unbeatable price. It allows users to tackle common asset
management challenges, such as overspending and reliability issues, from one practical digital tool.”

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Features and Benefits

For only £1,999.99 per year:

AGS360 centralises all necessary asset information, making it easier to
understand what is needed and when, reducing unnecessary spend. 

Asset, Compliance and Workflow combine as one seamless system within AGS360.
This saves time with reduced duplication of effort.

Enhance your asset visualisation with AGS360’s Floor Plan Pinning feature,
tag assets onto your floorplans for an industry-first experience.

AGS360 helps to eliminate budget sapping ghost assets by improving
your understand of what assets you have and where they are located.

AGS360 builds asset history. This means PPM regimes can be
significantly improved with detailed, historic asset information.

AGS360 provides a platform that allows a simplistic upgrade to our
more advanced technology options, when the time is right.

Tech Features:

Fixed Asset Management
Asset Compliance
Asset Workflow
Floor Plan Pinning
System Configuration
Unlimited AGS Patches and Upgrades

Onboarding Features:

Unlimited Users
Unique URL
Tech Support
Set-up of your AGS360 environment
Initial upload of your asset data
Upload up to 300 Assets
(more available on request)

How Do I Get Started

Complete the short form below and we will be in touch within 12hrs to get the ball rolling.

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