Workflow Management

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your teams, MyAGS is the workflow management solution for you.

MyAGS gives you a centralised system to streamline your workflows. It provides a clear communication channel for your teams, making it easier to track operational tasks so you can focus on business strategies.

As a result, you’ll save both time and money.

Asset Management

Add, edit, filter and view all assets. Manage life expectancy.

The Asset Database tool allows you to view, manage and monitor all assets, from plant equipment to stock; anything that you consider to be valuable to your business.

The Asset Database is the core of our system. It allows you to track the entire lifecycle of an asset with the ability to view any compliances, jobs, documents, photos and purchases linked to the asset.

Compliance Management

MyAGS gives you the ability to demonstrate the measures you’ve taken to become and remain compliant.

The logical categorisation of data means less resource is needed when undertaking audits as you have fast access to a comprehensive accountability trail, as well as documents and certificates which are stored on the system against the relevant compliances.

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