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Aluminium Windows

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Aluminium Window Systems

Long considered to be the premier choice for many designers and specifiers, both aluminium doors and windows are renowned for being inherently strong and durable. In fact, the windows are sufficiently strong that they will not flex or warp, and with the correct maintenance (see below for some top tips on caring for your aluminium windows) can outlast plastic and last as long as timber window frames. They are also a popular choice for customers looking for an eye-catching finish to their property.

A Choice Of Styles

Due to the superior thermal performance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it means that aluminium windows are an incredibly high standard replacement to steel windows. The slim sight-lines make them a seamless addition to any property.

Offering a wide range of frame and glazing configurations and styles that will meet any project specification, single or dual colour, our aluminium doors, windows and curtain walling, offer everything your need to meet your design requirements. Low maintenance, long-lasting, and with eye-catching kerb appeal, aluminium is a great choice for anyone looking for a contemporary feel for their home, extension, or workplace.

Maintaining Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are energy-efficient, lightweight but durable, and long lasting. To help ensure that you can keep enjoying these benefits for many years to come here are some top tips for maintenance. The good news is that they are very low maintenance. 

We recommend using a soft cloth and warm water with mild detergent to remove dirt or stains from the elements, before carefully drying the frames with a soft cloth.

Low Maintenance

Due to their durability, aluminium windows are easy to maintain. Depending on the finish, a clean of the frames and glass once every two to four months is all it takes to keep them sparkling.

Long Lasting

Aluminium windows are extremely durable thanks to their high strength to weight ratio. This means that they are hard to dent and are also resistant to weather conditions. As a result, they are less likely to rot, corrode, flex, or warp and can last for up to 30 years.

Energy Saving

New technological developments (e.g. polyamide technology) has helped make these windows an energy-efficient choice by helping insulate heat and minimise heat loss. As a result, it can have a positive impact on energy bills.

Environmentally Better

We know that making an eco-friendly choice is important to our customers. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, fully sustainable, and non-toxic. This means it leaves an eco-friendly footprint.

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