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Timber Window Systems

High quality engineered timber windows and doors have always added value to a property and for the discerning buyer are seen as an investment in their property and a stunning way to add extra kerb appeal to a home. More and more homeowners, property developers, and local authorities are rediscovering the benefits, and value, of engineered timber windows. Not only do timber products add value, character, and charm to a property, but they are also a sustainable construction material regarded as a great environmental choice.

Long Lasting & Reliable

Our fully factory-finished timber windows carry a 30-year warranty against rot, a 10 year warranty on manufacturing and materials defects, and an eight year warranty on the factory-applied surface finish. Our windows are manufactured to a strict Wood Window Alliance standard. They are manufactured from engineered redwood timbers, sourced from FSC and PEFC accredited European Forests and mills with full tractability, and hand-selected FSC/PEFC hardwoods. All of our timbers comply with EUTR and CITIES. Engineered timbers remove knots, shakes, splits, most resin pockets and by using laminars prevents twisting and warping of the timbers.

As a result, you can rest assured that timber windows from Exterior Plas are of the highest quality and with the finest of finishes. If you want to add character, charm, and value to your property, our engineered windows are the eye-catching solution. 

What is engineered timber?

Engineered timber is made by gluing, compressing, and laminating together the finest, fault-free pieces of wood. The alternate vertical grains in engineered timber make it a stable material with less chance of warping or swelling over time. The service life expectancy for timber windows is 56 to 65 years, according to The Institute for Building and Urban Design at Herriot Watt University.

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