Advanced Interactive

Asset Management

Unite all your built environment obligations within a single software

AGS360 is a cloud based Asset Management software designed to bring you an easy to use and practical way of managing your built environment.

AGS360 unites three key features:

Leading Features

Asset Hub

Job Board

Digital Twin

Mobile App

Asset Compliance


Spotlight Feature

AGS360 Digital Twin

Not just any Digital Twin… this is the AGS360 Digital Twin!

Assets are located (Tagged) within a (3D) photographic, digitised  environment. Imagine the possibilities…Convert your flat, boring asset list into a 3D, interactive asset world!

AGS360 Digital Twin gives you a ‘google street view’ way to tour your workspace. You can tag assets within this environment and understand their contextual location. Need to show an engineer where to go… No problem… Using the AGS360 Digital Twin wayfinding is a breeze!

Do you have issues when staff or members of the public provide inaccurate details when reporting an issue? By using the AGS360 portal, they can find the exact asset at fault and with only a few clicks provide you with clear. detailed and accurate job information.

These are just a few of the limitless possibilities and applications AGS360 can have.