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What is AGS360?

AGS360 is a cloud-based CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software

  • AGS360 has been designed from the ground up by Facilities Management professionals, to be a CAFM product. 

  • We understand your wants and needs. With well over 50 combined years in the industry, not only can we competently advise you, but we can deliver and implement a software solution that will work. 

  • AGS360 is not a legacy system, modified over the years to suit new ways of working. AGS360 is a very modern solution looking to the future of FM and CAFM systems.

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AGS360 key tech features:

Spotlight Feature

AGS360 Get Started

What is AGS360 Get Started?

AGS360 is a cloud-based forward-looking CAFM software that allows users to tackle common FM challenges, such as maintenance overspending and asset reliability issues.

The Get Started package provides a low barrier to entry by reducing cost but still provides all the features you would expect from enterprise-level CAFM software.

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In 2022 AGS360 handled 100,000+ jobs and compliances