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Use Cases

Single Building:

A building with a reception or concierge. Ideally run day to day by an Estates, FM or maintenance team.

Multi Building/Site:

Managed housing development, shopping centers, hospitals, government sites etc. Usually all managed at various levels from Operational to Strategic


AGS360 BMS is perfect for providing owners and landlords with vital Strategic and Operational information to keep residents happy and ensure buildings are run at peak economic performance.

Economic benefits
Security benefits


Arguably the BMS poster child

Ideal for Landlords, Owners, Tenants or a combination of all three. Commercial entities benefit from leveraging AGS360 BMS’ ability to very quickly provide very quick returns once operational. Initially on energy savings and later with an improvement of staff behaviors and interactions with the building stock once insights are gained.

Fixed & Mobile

AGS360 BMS has the ability manage both fixed and mobile assets using a near limitless range of IoT based devices to monitor, manipulate and return information.

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