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Joining and Cancelling FAQ

Once you have read through the information on our website, we would recommend calling us to discuss your organisations needs 01992 804460 or From there AGS can supply a quotation, on full payment of the quote, usually via BACS, AGS will begin planning the onboarding process.

NB: We usually expect this process to take anything from 24hrs to 1 week, dependent on the volume of meetings and customer questions. It is worth factoring in your internal procurement process as certain order values may require additional processing.

While it is always sad to say goodbye to a customer, we feel it is vitally important that cancelling an agreement is made as easy as possible. All we need is an email, sent to, at least 4 weeks in advance of your wish to cancel and we will start the close-down and data handover process.

AGS would like to ensure, that regardless of the circumstances, clients wishing to cancel experience a painless process and leave reassured their data is returned to them in a logical and onwardly usable manner. AGS also wishes to ensure cancelling clients are reassured their data is treated with due care and removed from AGS’ systems with full transparency of the process.

Customer Care FAQ

We know that businesses are ever evolving and your sites and buildings may change with it. If you need any changes made to your AGS360 environment such as 3D imaging updates, significant asset updates etc. This will likely already be included within your contract. Please feel free to contact AGS at any time to discuss your requirements.

The length of the onboarding process is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Volume of assets to be added to AGS360
  • The area of your sites and buildings for any surveys required
  • Organisational approval processes
  • Any local authority permissions that may be required (e.g: for external drone surveys etc.)
  • The AGS360 team will work with you to ensure delivery timelines and expectations are set and managed.
  • Your project timelines
    And so on…

AGS is always contactable via our landline (01992 804460) between 08:00am and 17:00pm GMT Monday to Friday

Alternatively, our inbox is monitored near 24/7.

For clients with SLA agreements in place, you will have pre-defined response times to queries.

General AGS FAQ

In its most basic form AGS360 is primarily an Asset Management system, with a Workflow Management system and a Compliance Management system rolled into a single piece of cloud-based software.

To begin your journey with AGS we recommend our AGS360 Get Started package (click here)

For more general information, please visit our blog (click here)

AGS currently sells four products:

AGS360 Get Started – Our entry level product

AGS360+ – Experience the power of our digital twin viewer further enhancing your AGS360 experience.

AGS360 Active – True integration of IoT Sensors and Asset Management

AGS360 Pro – Combines the power of our asset management system with IOT sensors and Digital Twins in a single software,      

Visit our Product Hub for more information. (click here)

At the time of writing (October 2022) we can only retail sensors to AGS360 Active and AGS360 Pro clients.
AGS hopes to be able to retail IoT sensors directly via our website in the not-too-distant future.

AGS360 has 4 main products:
1) AGS360 Get Started
2) AGS360+
3) AGS360 Active
4) AGS360 Pro

We always recommend beginning your journey with AGS360 Get Started. This is available for a set annual fee of £1,999.99.

If you wish to begin your journey with one of our more advanced products (+, Active or Pro), please head over to our Contact Us page, fill in the contact form and we will be in touch within 12hrs to discuss your requirements.

At AGS we prefer to be considered as a specialist tool for a specialist role. As a Fixed and Mobile Asset Management system we tend to be well suited to service FM (Facilities Management) and Estates Management departments.

AGS will of course provide bespoke development and adapt elements of our products to suit your specific requirements. So even if you do nit fit the description above, we may still be fit for purpose solution.

If you want to find out more, visit our Contact Us page (click here)

Visit our Meet the team page

Aran Lane – Director
Hannah Smith       – Business Support
Ben Yarwood        – Software Sales Specialist
James Haigh          – Development Director
Lou Fargeot           – Creative Director

Absolutely, AGS is currently in use in the EMEA region and typically can be used anywhere in the world where AWS (Amazon Web Service) is accessible.

AGS Features FAQ

Traditional methods of asset tagging include the use of Barcodes, QR codes etc. Within AGS360 we enable you to virtually tag assets either on a 2D floorplan or inside a photographic 3D environment. These tags are interactive markers placed around the digital environment that identify your assets. When clicked, AGS360 will tell you everything you need to know about that asset including the asset history, compliances, parts, materials etc.

In short, yes. You will need a few pieces of equipment, but it is relatively straight forward to start tracking assets.

Kit you will need:

1: Gateway
2: Tags
3: Wi-Fi connection
4: AGS360

Head over to our blog for more detail (click here)

AGS360 has a whole area dedicated to compliance management. Fun fact; AGS started life as a compliance management software provider.

AGS360 can track any compliance and can be modified to suit specialist requirements.

Please visit our Asset Compliance feature page for more information. (click here)

AGS Policy and Procedures FAQ

Currently available on request while we build our website. Email with your requirements. In the very near future, we hope to update this FAQ with appropriate links to our various policy documents directly available on our website.

AGS Company Values FAQ

AGS does not seek to seek to provide a ‘tick-box’ norm of defining a traditional Mission, Vision and Values statement. Instead, we choose to take an approach which is lead by our personnel and reflects the values of our organisation as a collective.

Below are the AGS Daily Affirmations:

The list of affirmations below are the business and social norms is AGS currently maintaining or working towards. We review them daily! This not a statement, but a commitment.

Be THE Dominant Force in Asset Management Software:          
AGS will be the built environment management ‘Everything App’.

Educate and Change the Industry Mindset:                    
Just because the industry has always done it that way, it doesn’t mean it should remain so.

Become the terminology for Asset Management:          
What the iPad is to tablets, AGS will be to business software.

Customer Opinion:                                  
We listen to our customers and use their feedback to directly improve our products.

Always be useful:                         
In everything we do, we make sure it can be useful to someone. Usefulness drives value.

Never become obsolete:                         
We should always be looking and listening for the next big thing, the next leap in technology, the next shift in customer wants and habits.

Never be afraid to fail :                            
We don’t always get it right. We’re not afraid to fail, learn, and move on.

Speak Up:                                     
Always be confident to air your thoughts and opinions without fear of reprisal. Be passionate, be critical and always be constructive.

Always give it a try:                                  
Action beats Inaction

Organisational Transparency:                             
AGS embraces the ‘They Ask You Answer’ business philosophy. Over time, AGS will build a library of all the questions it has been asked (no matter how sensitive) and we will seek to fully and directly answer those questions, and make them feely available for all to see. Transparency is trust.

Absolute accountability:                          
AGS as a collective organisation and as individual staff members will always take full accountability for our actions. Blame leads to blame. Accountability leads to trust.

Reliable and Dependable:                                    
AGS asks its clients to entrust their business with our software. It is essential we have the tools and systems in place to provide reliability. Equally, it is important we ensure our services are available when it matters most.

Without you we would not exist, Built by you for you

Visionary / Innovative:                             
We are always looking at what’s next or what hasn’t been done yet. We are always looking for what will give our clients an edge

We are not afraid to try something new and re design the wheel

Customers should have a low barrier to entry both in terms of technical understanding and the intuitiveness of AGS’ products.

Energy neutral:                                        
AGS aims to ensure it not only off-set, but produces as little carbon as is technically possible. Equipment purchases and service partner choices will be made with this requirement as standard.

AGS Accreditations and Security FAQ

With current issues past and present, AGS understands security needs to be a foremost consideration when using software. Within our workspaces AGS is Cyber Secure (Cyber Essentials – Certification Number: IASME-CE-038573), within our hosting and digital operating environments, we fall under the world leading AWS suite of security measures. These can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding AGS’ security measures, please email us;

Alignment to ISO27001 (Working towards attaining the accreditation as we grow)
Cyber Essentials (Certification Number: IASME-CE-038573),)

AGS is working on an accreditation system. More details to follow.

Other FAQ’s

At AGS we are very proud to be embracing the ‘They Ask You Answer’ philosophy designed by Marcus Sheridan. It is a philosophy based on providing information, transparency, and trust. (‘’They Ask You Answer’’ is available in both paper and audio formats, for the full effect, we recommend the audio book… thank us later) (AGS is not in any way affiliated).

Think of a question, even a question considered sensitive (pricing is always a good one, especially in the SaaS industry), you’ll find the answer on our website. If you can’t find the answer to a question, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to answer it in detail.

A surprisingly common question. AGS sits between a few different products so as you can imagine we have quite a few competitors. Usually we find, that while a competitor does one element of our offering, it lacks in other areas. Typically, in larger organisations the incumbent product is purchased for Sales or Finance and is adapted for FM, Estates, Asset Management but tends to fall short of being fit for purpose.

Competitive examples:


To name a few…