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ALE is a leading global vendor of networking, communications, cloud and IoT technologies.

Present in over 50 countries, trusted by some 3,400 partners, and used in every business sector.

ALE is committed to developing technology solutions that work for its customers – connecting people, machines, things and processes, while creating a more sustainable future for all.

ALE – where everything connects.

Azteq are a UK based technology supplier with turnkey delivery capability.

They have delivered hundreds of IT Hardware and Infrastructure projects including all stages of survey design, deployment, installation and management.

Marchwood are a UK based technology manufacturing company with expertise in creating unique solutions to hardware problems.

With extensive R&D capability along with both sensor and IOT experience they are a key partner.

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When you enter the AGS (Alpaca Global Solutions) Collaborative Network, you're aligning with the cream of the crop in the global technology landscape.

United, we can forge ahead with groundbreaking possibilities using our flagship product, AGS360, the premier, universally adaptable smart solution platform.

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