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Mission Statement

Vision & Values

The beliefs and daily practices that make AGS work

Writing our Mission Vision and Values. Not just a tick-box exercise

As a subject and as a business fundamental, Mission, Vision and Values can feel like a classic ‘Tick Box’ exercise.
This page is not intended to be educational, but more an insight into how AGS has interpreted the fundamental requirement to create these statements within our organisation.

Where did we start?

Instead of this becoming a list of statements neatly packaged into 3 headings (Mission, Vision and Values), the team at AGS wrote a list of all the things we felt we practiced daily as well as things we strive to eventually become.

What is AGS’ Mission, Vision and Values?

We call this list our Daily Affirmations.
The list is a set of values and objectives AGS strives towards on a daily basis. The list will change as team members join and leave but it will not be a tick box exercise for the sake of a good bit of PR.
Our aim is that these values should give you a flavour of who we are and where we are heading. The products we sell are extensively explained, however, AGS hopes that now we can also give you a feeling of the company you are buying these products from.
Be THE Dominant Force in Asset Management Software
AGS will be the built environment management ‘Everything App’.
Educate and Change the Industry Mindset
Just because the industry has always done it that way, it doesn’t mean it should remain so.
Become the terminology for Asset Management
What the iPad is to tablets, AGS will be to business software.
Customer Opinion
We listen to our customers and use their feedback to directly improve our products.
Always be useful
In everything we do, we make sure it can be useful to someone. Usefulness drives value.
Never become obsolete
We should always be looking and listening for the next big thing, the next leap in technology, the next shift in customer wants and habits.
Never be afraid to fail
We don’t always get it right. We’re not afraid to fail, learn, and move on.
Speak Up
Always be confident to air your thoughts and opinions without fear of reprisal. Be passionate, be critical and always be constructive.
Always give it a try
Action beats Inaction
Organisational Transparency
AGS embraces the ‘They Ask You Answer’ business philosophy. Over time, AGS will build a library of all the questions it has been asked (no matter how sensitive) and we will seek to fully and directly answer those questions, and make them feely available for all to see. Transparency is trust.
Absolute accountability
AGS as a collective organisation and as individual staff members will always take full accountability for our actions. Blame leads to blame. Accountability leads to trust.
Reliable and Dependable
AGS asks its clients to entrust their business with our software. It is essential we have the tools and systems in place to provide reliability. Equally, it is important we ensure our services are available when it matters most.
Without you we would not exist. Our customers are at the center of everything we do.
Visionary / Innovative
We are always looking at what’s next or what hasn’t been done yet. We are always looking for what will give our clients an edge
We are not afraid to try something new and re-design the wheel
Customers should have a low barrier to entry in terms of cost, technical understanding and the intuitiveness of AGS’ products.
Energy neutral
AGS aims to ensure it not only off-sets, but produces as little carbon as is technically possible. Equipment purchases and service partner choices are and will be made with this requirement as standard.

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