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Blog #10 Choosing between legacy and start-up software providers for FM: Weighing the pros and cons

It can be hard to decide on what software to buy for your FM department. Afterall, us FM’s are not always software experts!

That being said, a good starting point when making a decision is the simple choice of whether to go with an established norm or a new offering. 

Both have their pros and cons.

This short blog does not seek to give you the answer, but it might just give you something to think about when making a procurement decision.

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Do I go with the Status Quo?

There are several factors that could influence the decision of choosing a well-established software provider over a new start-up for a Facilities Management department.

Established providers have a proven track record of delivering reliable and stable products, which reduces the risk of technical issues and downtime.

A well-established software provider typically has a larger support infrastructure and resources to provide ongoing assistance and technical support.

Established providers have been in the market for a long time, and have the expertise and experience to understand the needs of their customers, and provide software solutions that meet those needs.

An established software provider is more likely to have experience integrating with other systems and processes, reducing the risk of compatibility issues.

Established software providers often have more funding, which allows them to invest in research and development and continue to innovate and improve their products.

On the other hand, new start-ups may offer more innovation and flexibility in their software offerings, and may be more willing to work closely with clients to tailor their products to specific needs. Additionally, new start-ups may offer lower prices than established providers.

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Should I choose the New Kids on the Block

There are several positive points of employing software from a start-up software provider that are worth considering:

Start-ups are often more agile and innovative in their approach to software development, which can result in more cutting-edge solutions and a more personalized experience.

As smaller companies, start-ups are often more flexible and willing to work closely with clients to tailor their products to meet specific needs, which can be particularly beneficial for organizations that require bespoke software solutions.

New start-ups may offer lower prices than established providers, as they are trying to gain market share and establish themselves in the industry.

Start-ups are often driven by a strong sense of purpose and a desire to succeed, which can result in a higher level of dedication and commitment to their clients.

Opportunities for Partnership:
Working with a start-up can provide opportunities for a more collaborative relationship and can offer the potential for the client to have a direct impact on the development of the software.

It’s important to note that, while there are several benefits to working with a start-up, there are also risks to consider. It’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and assess the specific needs of the organization before making a decision.

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