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Blog #8 The Pro’s and Con’s of IoT

Introduction Are you seeking to enhance your asset management strategy using IoT sensors? If so, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of implementing these sensors. In this blog post, we will delve into the pros and cons of using IoT sensors and explore ways to mitigate any potential drawbacks. But before we […]

Blog #7 From Old to Gold: How Advanced Fixed Asset Management Can Transform Legacy Buildings

Legacy buildings, which are older structures that may not have been designed with modern technology in mind, can be a challenge to manage. But with the right approach, incorporating advanced fixed asset management into these buildings can bring significant benefits in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved compliance with regulations. This blog is […]

Blog #5 You, The Metaverse and a Full Days Work

Looking into the future. You, the Metaverse and a Full Days Work If I called this Blog ‘You and a Full Days Work’, I bet you wouldn’t read it… right? Throw a lovely noun into the mix… ‘Metaverse’… and I appear to have your attention. We have three questions to answer here. Firstly, (like me) […]

Blog #4 Which AGS360 product is best for me?

From the basic to the advanced. Which AGS360 product is best for me? Hopefully, you have read our blog ”Why do I need AGS360 Asset Management?’’.So, you are interested but want to know a little more about AGS360.You want to know what options AGS360 has to offer and get some indicative costs. AGS360 is currently […]

Blog #3 Why do I need AGS360 Asset Management?

Features and benefits. Why do I need AGS360 Asset Management? This blog will provide you with mid-level detail on what AGS360 is, who it’s for and most importantly provide 5 examples of the benefits it can bring to your organisation. If you are looking for a more generalised overview of Asset Management, we recommend reading […]

Blog #2 Barcode vs QR Code vs NFC vs IoT

Which is the best asset tagging method: Barcode vs QR Code vs NFC vs IoT It’s highly likely you already have a good understanding of what asset management is, and how to employ it. If not, we recommend reading our blog ‘What is Asset Management? A general overview’. Below is a detailed comparison of the 4 […]

Blog #1 What is Asset Management?

A general overview. This Blog has been written through the eyes of the author and we welcome comments and suggestions if you feel any information is wrong, misleading or missing. I hope to provide a research tool for those wishing to learn more about the subject of Asset Management. In this blog I will aim […]

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